Friday, 27 November 2009

Hydro and Physiotherapy

Well the day started manic as ever, as we had to set off at school time 8.40am and get into the Hospital for 10.30am, as the Motorways had been playing up while i was in hospital we didn't want to take any chances. I was already being very lucky in the fact that i was getting the 2 appointments together seen as we live further away.
We got there with some time to spare, which was excellent for us as we are always late for everything! But it meant i could walk on my crutches nice and slowly as this was the furthest i'd ever walked before, and the ground was wet.
Met up with the Physio/Hydro guy Declan and was asked endless questions but i understand they have too. They checked the leg length difference too as the Hospital Physio team that first saw me said my leg was too long and told my Consultant O'Hara.
Well i'd been pre warned about the difference by O'Hara himself and he assured me that although it looks and feels long (too long he says) the leg will be pulled up once muscles and nerves and tendons are worked and woke up! In fact O'Hara was so disgusted that his opinion was being questioned that in thick black letters scribbled across my notes ( LEG LENGTH PERFECT INSIDE< DO NOT QUESTION AGAIN!!) LOl think he got his knickers in a twist, but i can understand as he didn't want to worry me and have other officials saying it had gone wrong.
Did some land Physio first which was good, i really shocked myself with how much movement i already have (way more than i've ever had) and it was the same ish as the opposite hip so not too bad. The worse bit was when he asked me to roll onto the scar side, only managed a few seconds before i had to get off again. Being on your side feels so wrong and damn heavy too.
The pool was beautifully warm and there was 5 of us at once with just Declan between us. The weirdness of being able to walk properly unaided once the water was chest level really messed with my mind! It really freaked me out and took a while to get used too. Did some steps and had a floatation device fitted to my ankle to lift my knee to my chest, then move leg straight back and outwards to the side. Did half an hour and was nakkerd afterwards.
Been resting at home ever since and it's really nagging like a dull deep ache, but i did expect it to be honest. The only thing thats troubling me is that it has been knocking since i've done these exercises, and i haven't had that sensation since before the surgery. Thankfully there's no pain with it but it feels strange and i'm a bit scared.Bet i'm really going to feel the pain tomorrow like you do after a workout session.


German Shepard aka Kris said...

The exercises are so very important. Hang in there - it sound like you are making great progress already.

Sam said...

Debbie, I wouldn't worry to much about noises coming from your hip post op, its bound to make all sorts of crazy sounds. If it doesn't hurt, I'm sure its just that you are pushing the range of motion more than you have in years and its going to feel a bit weird and abnormal at first. Hopefully it will all settle down as you get more active in the pool and on land. My right hip still pops and makes odd sounds when I move it certain directions, but its nothing to worry about as its not painful.

Well done, you are doing great, and its fab that you have already lost your preop pain - what a sucess story! Just remember to rest lots as well, you are still in the early days and dont want to go backwards.
Hugs xxx

louisawb said...

weee sounding GREAT Debbie! Get in that water, don't be too scared, just careful...hips make the funniest noises post op and let pain be your guide, not sound. Sounding v positive to me.