Thursday, 26 November 2009


Are all out at last! This time it wasn't as bad as yesterday. Although the wound or scars really ached all night last night from yesterday, so i was dreading going in today. But because i laid down straight away and didn't even try to handle it standing up, i wasn't sick or faint feeling so it went quicker, and the Nurse was lovely too (the one yesterday as lovely too, and this really really helps!)
I've ran out of most of the heavy duty painkillers so now just on tramadol and para's every 6 hours, and take some Quinine at night to help with leg cramps. I feel better each day, and i gain a little more confidence too.
Only a quick post as i want to rest up and prepare for tomorrow, i've got my first Physio/Hydrotherapy session and i want to give it my all.

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