Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday and Tuesday post op

These days passed very quickly for me, The Monday i was so sick i could barely move, and shaky i really felt like i had flu like symptoms. The nurses think it's the oramorph but i hadn't had any that day at all. So literally everytime i went to the loo, i was back into bed sleeping. I did not eat either that day, just the smell alone was enough to make me heave. At the night drug run around 10pm i was given some oramorph (oral morphine) and boy did i pick up then! I was life and soul of the party, gutted they didn't think of doing this ealier while my Hubby came to see me, as i slept through his whole visit, bless he drove 3 hours there and back for that visit too!

Tuesday was going home day Yay!!! So the frame was banned and i've got these lovely crutches and today i must tackle the stairs. I was terrified, but actually it wasn't that big a deal although i expected to do the fake stairs ( where there is about 3 up then 3 down) But no i had to do a real flight of stairs, and come back down. It wasn't as hard as i'd made it in my head. I spent the day mainly bored, as most went home in the morning yet in the afternoon i was still there. I had to have an x-ray to check everything was alright before i could go, and the drugs needed sorting. I eventually escaped at tea time, and i had the BEST welcome home ever. The car journey was vile and sore (god only knows how Kate did a train) But the smiles and huggles off the girls made it all melt away. I finally got my appetite back once i was home (in fact i can't stop being hungry!) and i slept sooooooo much better too once in my own bed, with my baby by my side. Boy had i missed having Rich with me!!

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