Sunday, 28 August 2016

#VFest #Chelmsford 2016

Some days I pinch myself, as I feel so lucky. This happened purely from misfortune of my sisters in law, so I feel bad that they couldn't go. But super stoked we were given the opportunity to go.

This festival is not my usual place to go to, purely because its expensive (to me) and being challenged in the walking department, I also felt a bit terrified to be in such a big crowd.
But all my fears were unfounded. It ended up being an awesome experience, and though it was challenging to walk on all that rubbish!! It was still ace and I'd do it again.

I was so impressed with the toilets and the layout, the staff, and artists. That I had an incredible time. We managed to dance in the Dance Tent, saw Little Mix, Loved Katy B and ended with Rihanna. I was High on Life, and loving every second of it. Only downside was that it was soooooo far away, so going home was awful for hubby. We set off at 11.30pm and stopped at 1am at a service station for a few hours, then set off at 3am and finally got home at 5.30am.

It was sooooo sunny and thankfully the grass was dry (did not expect that, I was prepared for a total mudfest)

This was definitely an experience I would do again, and though I don't get out much, the crowds weren't too bad, and I saw lots of walking sticks and crutches, so I never felt odd one out. All in all impressed and still loving it a week later!

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